The African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD) is a non‐profit, non‐governmental organization (NGO) established in June 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya by a group of accomplished African researchers and academicians. The Institute’s main focus is on implementing evidence-based programming, training and advocacy on health and development issues that are contextually relevant to Kenya and African continent as a whole. In partnership with the National and County Governments in Kenya, and working in collaboration with local, national, regional and international partners, the AIHD is involved in policy formulation on key development issues such as poverty alleviation, gender mainstreaming, health promotion, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), social protection, among others. Over the years, the AIHD has acquired experience and expertise to improve well-being of individuals, communities, the nation and region at large. To this end, the Institute has implemented programmes in several African countries including Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia.

In pursuit of its vision of An Africa where people live in dignity and mission of Working with communities for better lives through evidence‐based programming the AIHD is involved in building the capacity of community groups; facilitating resourcing from within; and in-building sustainable mechanisms in all its programme activities. In addition, the Institute is committed to building the capacity of young people to work with communities through its robust internship programme that aims at ensuring a generation of trained and capable professionals in community health and development.

The AIHD owes its progress to teamwork and commitment of its Board of Directors and staff. The Board of Directors with their diverse scientific, financial and legal expertise oversee the Institute’s activities. The Executive Director is the management head of the Institute; she provides strategic direction, is responsible for resource utilization and is the main link with partner institutions. The Institute, with support from the board of directors, conducts annual audits (audit reports available cover the periods June to December 2004 through December 2018). These reports provide up‐to‐date statement of accounts and procedures and are available for perusal by partners and other interested parties.