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The Export Promotion Council was established on 19th August, 1992 by the Government through Legal Notice No. 4342, with the mandate of developing and promoting Kenyan exports. The Council was mandated to address bottlenecks facing exporters and producers of export goods and services in order to increase the performance level of the export sector; formulate export market strategies and endeavour to promote an export culture; provide a forum for constant dialogue between relevant public and private sector organizations for the purpose of consensus building on issues affecting exports. The Council’s Board comprises public and private sector representatives on equal basis, with a view to enhancing dialogue on matters affecting exports.


The establishment of the Council was influenced by two key developments: First, the decision by Government vide Sessional Paper No. 1 of 1986 on Economic Management for Renewed Growth, which sought to transform the economy from an inward-looking status under the Import Substitution growth strategy to an outward-looking export-oriented economy. The Study by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in October 1991 on the “Master Plan for Trade Promotion in The Republic of Kenya” recommended the establishment of a dedicated export promotion agency in Kenya.

EPC’s ancillary functions are:

  1. To establish targets for Kenyan exports and encourage exporters to achieve them;
  2. To review export performance continuously;
  • To attract investment and finance to the export sector;


  1. To identify new markets for Kenyan exports and encourage exporters to take advantage of opportunities in those markets;
  2. To promote public awareness on the need for export; and
  3. To assist foreign exchange earners with any individual problems facing their operations.
About EPC

The Export Promotion Council (EPC) premier mandate is to support exporters and producers of export goods and services. Established in 1992, EPC’s primary objective was to address bottlenecks that were facing exporters and producers of export goods and services with a view to increasing the performance of the export sector.
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