Managing Stress at Work

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Tokeo la picha la stressAs a business person, work is likely to be number one stressor in your live. Reader's Digest gives various ways work can stress us out, and how to eliminate them for good.

You’re at your desk, trying to concentrate on the task in front of you—but issues at home are distracting you and stressing you out. Barbara Greenberg, PhD, a clinical psychologist and the co-author of Teenage as a Second Language, says the ability to compartmentalize is key. She explains: “We need to develop the skill of compartmentalizing. You can keep home-life from spilling into work-life by having an appropriate place, perhaps a friend or even a therapist, to talk about the issues at home. This enables you to be fully at work when you’re there, and engaged when you’re at home, too.”

Yes, you’re supposed to be busy at work—but when your load has you screaming “Uncle,” it might be time to say something. Studies reveal that more than 50 percent of employees spend 12 hours per day on work-related activities, and just as many skip lunch because of job-related stress (refer If you find yourself under a pile of work that’s impossible to complete, Dr. Greenberg recommends talking to a supervisor about delegating a few items, and making lists to keep it all straight.

Extract from Reader's Digest.

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